I speak – therefore I exist

concluded projects

Žabarim – m’pa tè səm žiu/Govorim – torej sem/parlo – dunque esisto legends and traditions of the Val Canale shadow play produced by: Združenje Don Eugenio Blanchini co-financed by: the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (regional law 26/2007) partners: Choir Višarski oktet, Institute of Slovenian culture, Cooperative MOST, Comprehensive school insitute Tarvisio, Municipality of Malborghetto-Valbruna, […]

26 June 2019

The Imaginary Invalid

concluded projects

original title of the show: Zdreu Bunik, Loosely based on  Molière’s The Imaginary Invalid produced by: Beneško gledališče/Associazione Filodrammatica della Benečija cast: members of the theatre group Associazione Filodrammatica della Benečija 2018-2019 “The play was incredible, and the excitement of the audience seemed to have no end” Suzi Pertot, Novi Glas, 14th march 2019

26 March 2019

Cut off (Odrezani)

concluded projects

play/documentary about the Schengen border with two groups of spectators and one stage director, set design: Jasmin Kovic produced by: Slovenska prosveta (TS) co-financed by: the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (regional law 26/2007) script: Jasmin Kovic e Tamara Peteani cast: Člani DMK Devin “An artistically accomplished multimedia project” Rossana Paliaga, Primorski dnevnik, 27th march […]

29 October 2018

Reflection of our times

concluded projects

Odraz/obraz našega časa director, script and set design: Jasmin Kovic drama production in documentary form, prepared in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Union of Slovenian organisations produced by: Union of Slovenian organisations cast: Primož Forte, Tadej Pišek, Janez Beličič (radio speaker), Velentina Oblak (journalistl), vokalna skupina Vikra directed by Petre Grassi Irene Ferro […]

29 November 2017


concluded projects

(Titus Maccius Plautus) produced by: Dramska družina SKPD F. B. Sedej set design and art direction: Jasmin Kovic director: Franko Žerjal “ […] the play is characterised by sophisticated visual solutions, which on one hand supply an articulated stage area, on the other hand they offer an inclusive artistic image of the whole play. In […]

29 April 2015

Together we can (Skupaj zmoremo)

concluded projects

production about the history of the Slovenian sports clubs in Italy, produced for the Slovenian national day of culture, staged in Trieste’s Kulturni dom director and set design: Jasmin Kovic choreography: Daša Grgič produced by: Cultural and economic Slovenian union, Union of Slovenian organisations, Union of Slovenian sports clubs in Italy cast: Lara Komar, Patrizia […]

26 February 2015

Naš čarni čas

concluded projects

cultural event in celebration of the ten year anniversary of the choir’s foundation produced by: Female choir Bodeča Neža choir director: Mateja Černic in collaboration with: Mairim Cheber in Nikola Pintar musical accompaniment by: Jan Grbec in Patrick Quaggiato 2014

29 October 2014