The Last Five Years

concluded projects / Wednesday, February 26th, 2020


coproduced by: Slovenian theatre in Trieste (Slovensko stalno gledališče), National theatre in Nova Gorica (SNG Nova Gorica), Music school Glasbena matica

director: Jasmin Kovic

translator: Janez Usenik

language consultant: Srečko Fišer

musical director: Andrejka Možina

set and costume design: Giulia Bellè

2018-2019 (SSG, TS, IT)

musicians: Sebastiano Frattini, Irene Ferro-Casagrande, Andrejka Možina, Matteo Bognolo, Luca

cast: Patrizia Jurinčič Finžgar (Cathy), Danijel Malalan (Jamie)

2019-2020 (SNG, NG, SLO)

“Jasmin Kovic has directed the actors with a thorough exploration of the emotions and their actorial power in order for Jamie and Cathy to be believable, or rather, to come alive.” 

Sara Del Sal 8th feb. 2019

“Director Jasmin Kovic’s choice to have a small set is actually a winning one, as it vastly increases the intensity the two actors alone can transmit, also thanks to the vicinity of the music band.”

Fabrizio Caperchi, La Novelle Vauge, feb. 2019

“The directing is fresh, almost of a cinematic quality, and that makes it winning.”

Sara Del Sal, feb. 2019, Le Salon Musical