45 min for our history/za našo zgodovino/ per la nostra storia

concluded projects / Thursday, November 29th, 2018

interactive multimedia play

the play has been produced in two versions: an Italian and a Slovenian one

director, set design: Jasmin Kovic

produced by: ZCPZ (GO)

co-financed by: the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (regional law 26/2007)

historical consultants: dr. Stane Granda, prof. Peter Černic, prof. Aldo Rupel

script: Jasmin Kovic e Tamara Peteani

cast: Evgen Ban, Ilaria Bergnach

“The play allows young people to discover the historical and cultural heritage of the Slovenian border territory in an innovative and unusual manner”

“Director Jasmin Kovic deserves heartfelt congratulations.”

“The public participates actively with their smartphones”

“the play isn’t just meant for young people, who enjoy the main actors’ performance, but also for adults, as they definitely expand their knowledge”

Primorski dnevnik, Matej Caharija, november 2018

“The innovative approach encourages the public to discover once again the historical and cultural heritage of the Slovenian border territory”

www.rainews.it/tgr/fjk 7. december 2018