IME (The name)

current projects / Friday, July 26th, 2019


director and set design: Jasmin Kovic

produced by: Dramska družina SKPD F. B. Sedej

translator: Marinka Počkaj 

language consultant: Janez Beličič


“Director Jasmin Kovic definitely won’t be waiting for calls to work in the next few months and years, as she has proved she is capable of managing the uneasy task of comedy rhythm”

“ […] by maintaining the actors’ credibility during difficult monologues and armchair declarations of ideological positions, she has made the public believe they were watching a play not done by amateurs”

“The play under Jasmin Kovic’s direction has broken the ice with the public in a convincing and successful manner”

Rossana Paliaga, Primorski dnevnik, 12th may 2019

“directed through a modern prism”

“director Jasmin Kovic, who’s got clear theatre skies ahead of her”

Iva Koršič, Novi glas, 23rd may 2019